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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How much can I earn ?

The minimum average rate per download is $ 2 up to $42.

2. How many I can get for referral user?

You will receive a 5%.

3. How many mirrors are available?

At this time we have four mirrors, but over time we add new.

4. What are the available payment methods ?

Payments will be made via Paypal, Western Union , Wire Transfer , .

5. What is the maximum file size?

Maximum file size is 5 MB. If you need more let us know.

6. What is the minimum amount to payout?

The minimum is $ 25 which is defined in the terms but may be changed.

7. When can I withdraw money?

You can request to withdraw your money any time you want. Normal payment - money will be sent within 7 days; Fast payment - money will be sent within 48 hours but the fee is 15% of the amount you want to withdraw.